How About Hiring the Best SEO Professional for Only $299

What is your opinion about hiring the best SEO professional for a lifetime for only $299? This might seem too good to be true, as such professionals typically charge, on an average, $150 per hour for on-page SEO audits & on-page optimizations. They charge $175 per hour for link-building.


So how can you get a lifetime professional that will do all these tasks and much more for such a low fee? You can become an SEO specialist yourself with the help of SEO Powersuite that costs only $299. Available at the official website, this amazing software optimizes your website using multiple modules such as:

• SEO Powersuite Link Assistant
• SEO Powersuite SEO Spyglass
• SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker
• SEO Powersuite Website Auditor

Pocket-Friendly Price Tag

If you have any doubts about this program, then check the testimonials written by satisfied clients on the vendor’s website or go through any SEO Powersuite review on sites that cover reviews for webmaster tools. Unlike other programs of this category, only this one offers so many modules for such low prices.


Spy on Your Rivals

Read the in-depth SEO Spyglass review. It performs link research and provides you with details of the number of backlinks pointing towards your site along with their domains as well as IP addresses. You can use this tool to check keywords used by your competitors, and the details of their backlinks, and include these details on your website to boost its ranking. Macintosh users need not feel left out, as the vendor offers SEO Powersuite Mac version too.


Earn Money by Becoming An SEO Specialist

Due to the rapid increase in the number of websites, there is a huge mismatch between the demand and supply of SEO professionals. You can fill this gap by optimizing the websites of other individuals and businesses, and earn lots of money, by purchasing SEO Powersuite. The SEO Powersuite price for the Enterprise version is just $699. This version is much more powerful than the Professional. Therefore, download SEO Powersuite Enterprise today, and start earning money. This version also contains SEO Spyglass Enterprise version.


How to Use SEO Powersuite

You can find lots of comprehensive and easy to follow SEO Powersuite tutorial on the vendor’s website. Ensure that you view the keyword tutorial, as this is one of the components that helps boost the SERP of your website by analyzing keywords of your competitors and providing you with a list of `most searched for’ keywords and key phrases. You should also go through the SEO Spyglass tutorial as it acts hand in glove with the keyword research tool.


SEO Powersuite Download

You can download SEO Powersuite from the official website after selecting the version you want, paying for it online through their website’s secure payment gateway, and clicking on the download link. Remember to check SEO Powersuite Buzzbundle as this tool is necessary to promote your products and services through social media. You can rest assured that you too will write a positive SEO Powersuite software review, after using the program for a couple of weeks.

Review for SEO Powersuite – The Most Efficient Optimization Tools

The SEO Powersuite is an optimization tool comprised of 4 different tools. These include:

The Rank Tracker

SEO Spyglass

Website Auditor


Using SEO Powersuite will make your website optimized enough to rank highly in the search engines.

The World Wide Web


How This SEO Tool Helped to Rank My Website to the Top of Search Results

I am, in this SEO Powersuite review, providing unbiased details of the pleasant experience I had after using the SEO Powersuite professional version. Frankly speaking, I was fed up as my website never appeared at the top of search results, while my rivals, promoting the same products and services that I did, always appeared at the top. One of my friends told me that I had to analyze my website and make changes to it to make it search engine friendly. He suggested that I purchase and download the SEO Powersuite full version to achieve the best results. After downloading this application, I found that it contained several individual modules:

  • Link Assistant
  • SEO Spyglass
  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Auditor


The Modules

Each of these individual modules plays a significant but different role to boost the rankings of a website.


SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker

The SEO Powersuite rank tracker allowed me to track the position of my website… both locally and globally… in 400+ search engines. This data helped me make changes in my website’s code to increase its search engine results page position.


The SEO Spyglass

As I had already read the review and tutorial for SEO Spyglass, I knew this module would allow me to check the number of backlinks pointing to my site, along with details of the domain they were originating from, and even their IP (internet protocol) addresses.


SEO Powersuite Website Auditor

I made use of the SEO Powersuite website auditor for detailed site auditing as well as for on-page analysis and optimization of my website.


SEO Powersuite Software Download Process

I visited and decided to download the full version after reading the review contained therein. After paying for the software, I opted to download the SEO Powersuite Mac version, and clicked on the download link, paid the SEO Powersuite price ($699 for Enterprise version), downloaded the software, and installed it.


How to Use SEO Powersuite

I did not face any problems learning how to use SEO Powersuite, thanks to the excellent tutorial videos found on the website of the vendor. It has been just a couple of weeks since I started using SEO Powersuite Enterprise version and have noticed a positive movement in the rankings of my website. The friendly chart displayed by the rank tracker provided me with accurate details of the overall rating of my website. I strongly suggest individuals who have gone through my SEO Powersuite software review to download it and use it to boost their website’s ranking. If you are on a budget, opt for the professional version that costs only $299.